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Next spring, CrossFit Pineville will celebrate a decade of health and wellness! 10 whole years of being in business, supporting our members, and encouraging them to live their best, healthiest lives. We hope to be around for 10, even 20 more years doing just that!

We’re in it for the long haul. Afterall, your health and fitness isn’t a destination…it’s an ongoing, continuous journey. We’re here to lead the way and we’re so excited to launch our Level Up Add-on Nutrition Memberships, to better support your journey, next month!

Our Level Up Add-on Nutrition Memberships are different from anything we’ve done before. In the past, we’ve done 6 and 8 week nutrition challenges – and those are great and have a purpose – but this isn’t that.

We have a long term focus here and we’re starting a health movement. Diet culture is rampant and has fed us many lies for many years. Things like – eat only 1200-1500 calories, thin is healthy, to be healthy you must weigh less, you shouldn’t be hungry, some foods are good and others are bad. I’m even willing to bet that many of our members have never eaten enough to support their current bodies.

With our Level Up Nutrition Memberships, we’re undoing years of those lies. It’s time to eat enough to support your full life! Because here’s what happens when you do:

You feel AWESOME! Your metabolism improves, your hormones normalize, you feel more powerful and strong in the gym, you sleep amazing, your muscles recover faster and your aches and pains improve!

Our goal is not for you to shrink and take up less space – it’s for you to feel AWESOME! For you to be the best YOU so you can be the best mom or dad, significant other, employee, etc. It’s for you to have confidence around food, to feel good in your skin, to take away food rules and restrictions, to heal your relationship with food, and live a full, well fueled life!

Our Add-on Nutrition Memberships will help you figure out this nutrition thing once and for all. Providing the accountability and support you need to build healthy habits that last, that transform not just your life, but even the life of your family. It’s a giant ripple, trickle down effect.

No matter where you are in your nutrition journey – not sure what a macro is, a macro counting pro, or macro free, just building a healthy plate – there is a spot for you!

Our M3 Beta Group launches August 1st! All levels are welcome, so if you’re interested, schedule your FREE consult call asap! Our Beta Group is limited to 8-10 people, and the first few spots are already filled!

So join our health movement! It’s time for the best shape you’ve ever been in, the coolest, fittest, and most supportive community you’ve ever been a part of, expert coaches, programming, nutrition coaching, the most fun you’ve ever had working out, and the greatest version of yourself!

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

CFP Owner/Coach

Welcome to one of the most established CrossFit gyms in the South Charlotte and Ballantyne area!




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