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It’s Sunday, in case any of you were wondering! 😉 Are you struggling in the motivation department?  Need a little something to keep you going?  We feel you!  Thankfully, CrossFit Games has a little something extra, as do we!

The CrossFit Games Affiliate Fundraiser, Support Your Local Box, kicks off this week!  Sign up at (it’s FREE!), select CFP when you’re signing up, make a donation if you’re able, and complete 1 workout a week for the next 3 weeks!  Workout 1 is programmed for tomorrow, but it can be completed anytime this week.  Once you complete the WOD, post a selfie in a CFP or RISE shirt for this week’s challenge and be entered to win an Up Fresh Kitchen gift card!!

We’re also releasing our goal specific extra training programs!  All members will now have access to to receive 2 extra days of goal specific programming, geared either towards bodybuilding, abs and booty, gymnastics accessory or olympic lifting.  Choose based on your goals (and what equipment you have access to).  Email Coach Isaiah or Cory to receive your programming.
HAPPY TRAINING!!!  ***Don’t forget our weekly Zoom schedule – Mondays – wake up with Cory at 7am.  Tuesdays – Happy Hour with Isaiah at noon.  Wednesdays – Fabtastic with Alex at 5:30pm.  Fridays – 10 with Jen at 10am.  Saturdays – with the Shucks at 9am***  Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – Split jerks up first this week!  Followed by 3 rounds working against a 6 minutes clock of rowing, strict hspu, t2b, and push-ups.

At home WOD – Affiliate Challenge 1 – 10 minute AMRAP of air squats, single arm db snatch, push-ups, single arm db snatch.  Followed by some accessories of handstand push-ups, v-up complex, and good mornings.

Tuesday – 4 rounds against an 8 minute clock.  Running, pull-ups and power cleans!

At home WOD – Jackie remix on repeat!  4 rounds against a 7 minute clock.  Running, thrusters, and burpees!

Wednesday – Front squat day!  Building to a heavy double.  Then, a quick chipper of rowing and weighted box step-ups.

At home WOD – Tempo Bulgarian split squats!  Then, a triplet chipper of dumbbell step-ups, dumbbell snatches, and abmat sit-ups.

Thursday – Some gymnastic practice is up first.  After, an alternating EMOM of rowing for calories, strict ring dips, bar muscles ups, and rest 🙂

At home WOD – A 20 minute alternating EMOM, just need your body and a jump rope.  After, tabata abs!

Friday – Deadlift day!  Then, 10 rounds of single arm deadlifts, single arm cleans and shoulder to overhead.

At home WOD – 10 rounds of single arm deadlifts, single arm cleans and shoulder to overhead.  Then, some accessories of dips and curls.

Saturday – A few AMRAPS….grab a box and a dumbbell or kettlebell and you’ll be good to go!

Sunday Endurance – lace up those running shoes (again)!

Keep up the great work you guys!!  Soon, this will all be just a memory, we can’t wait to see you at the box!

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

CFP Owner/Coach

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