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Boy, do we miss your smiling faces!! But seeing your selfies and you guys live and in color on our zoom calls is everything!

Hard to believe we’re almost a month into this madness and temporary pause on life. The slower pace is kind of nice, but we’re all itching to be back in community. Keep the faith, we are all in this together!

Who needs some added accountability this week? I know I do! Coach Alex of The Fuel Method has just the thing…a FREE 5 day challenge (with prizes, no less!)! We’ll be focusing on 5 small (but mighty) that fit into your day without disruption and adding more stress!

The 5 focus areas…NUTRITION, HYDRATION, MOVEMENT, MINDSET, and CONNECTION! It’s not to late to join us, everything kicks off tomorrow! Just follow this link here.

It’s not too late to grab a week of personal programming either!  Remember, we’ve got 4 options (booty + core, gymnastic, OLY, and body building).  Just reach out to Coach Cory or Isaiah and they will hook you up with 2 additional days of specific goal work.

Another week of groundhog’s day, here we go 😉 Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – Front squat day! Then, a little couplet of wallballs and t2b!

At Home WOD – Paused Bulgarian split squats! Then, a couplet of either wallballs or goblet squats and v-ups!

Tuesday – Bench press up first today! Working up pretty heavy! Afterwards, 20 minutes of air squats, sit-ups, and strict handstand push-ups.

At Home WOD – Tempo dumbbell floor press up first today! Superset with some side plank work. Afterwards, 20 minutes of some running, squats, sit-ups, and push-ups (rx+ strict hspu).

Wednesday – Heavy barbell bridges and banded face pulls! Then, a simple couplet of doubles and medball cleans!

At Home WOD – Starting off with a leg complex of db/kb front squats, lunges, and front pumps. Then, Support Your Box Affiliate Challenge #2 – doubles and burpees!

Thursday – All the metconning today…30 mins of biking, hang squat cleans and bar facing burpees! Yikes!

At Home WOD – 3 AMRAPS of rowing or running + db clean and jerks + burpees over the db! Yikes again!

Friday – Snatch day Friday! After, 14 mins of pistols, hang db snatches, and strict hspu!

At Home WOD – Every 2 minutes…single arm devil’s presses + strict hspu, burpee box jump overs + kbs, db snatches + overhead lunges each side! It’s a grind!

Saturday – Tabata Saturday!!

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

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