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Oh man, this is sure what we are hoping and praying for!!!  Hopefully next month the world will start to re-open a bit and we can re-open as well!  But until then…we carry on!  Another week of at home workouts are ready to go and we finish up Week 3 of the CrossFit Games Support Your Local Box Challenge!

Coach Alex and The Fuel Method have some exciting things happening in May as well!  The next TFM Kickstart begins Monday, May 4th!!  Join us for 6 weeks as we learn how to fuel our bodies and achieve results that last a lifetime!  Get all the details here and reach out to Alex with any questions.

Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – Bench press day!  Lower weight, higher reps.  After, some fun intervals of burpee box jump overs + a little gymnastic work (strict hspu, strict pull-ups, and t2b.

At Home WOD – Affiliate Challenge 3 for the Support Your Local Box Challenge!  50 is the number of the day…db deadlifts, abmat situ-ups, box step-ups and single arm db thrusters.  Then a little accessory work to finish you off.

Tuesday – Front squat day!  Then, a chipper of single arm db thrusters and waiter’s carry db lunges.  See ya legs!

At Home WOD – Tempo goblet squats!  Slow…feel that burn!  You’ll superset these with some hamstring curls or RDLs.  After, some interval work of single arm snatch and overhead lunges followed by a little core accessory work, too.

Wednesday – Alternating EMOM fun!  Biking or rowing, doubles, t2b, devil’s presses, and rest (thank goodness!).

At Home WOD – Alternating EMOM fun!  Doubles, box jumps, v-ups, single arm devil’s presses, and rest (thank goodness!).

Thursday – Snatch day!  Working through some single reps.  Then, 5 rounds of a simple couplet of bar over burpees and overhead squats!

At Home WOD – 45 seconds on/15 seconds rest moving through 4 stations!  Full body, cardio and core!

Friday – Starting off with a chipper of rowing, deadlifts and rowing!  Afterwards, barbell bridges and banded pull aparts.

At Home WOD – Starting off with a chipper of running, db hang cleans, and wallballs or goblet squats!  Afterwards, barbell bridges and banded pull aparts.

Saturday – Grab your box (or something to step up on), a rope and a dumbbell and join us at 9am on Zoom for Saturday with the Shucks!

Sunday – Row, Bike or Run…athlete choice this endurance Sunday!

We miss you guys!  Keep up the great work and we’ll be back together one of these days!!

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

CFP Owner/Coach

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