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Still no.  Unfortunately.  But….hopefully this month!!!  For now, we press on with these at home WODs and cheer each other on from afar!  We are counting down the days until we can fist bump (tap elbows!?  Something!) post WOD.  Gyms are in phase 2 of reopening in NC, so we are hoping that means late May!

We’re pumped for a little recovery this week!  Check out Coach Cory’s video in the private page for all the details on our weekly challenge and show us how you warm-up or recover!  You can earn up to 2 entries into our drawing for a gift card to one of our favorite butcher shops – The Butcher’s Market!

Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – Barbell bridges and weighted pull-ups to start us off!  Then, deadlifts and running!

At Home WOD – Some single leg glute bridges and hamstring curls to start us off!  Then, Helen’s wrath!  4 rounds of running, kbs, and burpees!

Tuesday – Bench press!  Working through some percentages and finishing off with 2 sets of 8.  Afterwards, 5 rounds of hang power cleans, push press and ring dips.

At Home WOD – DB or KB floor press + plyo push-up work up first.  Afterwards, an alternating EMOM of box jumps, DB or KB bent over rows, and v-ups.

Wednesday – All the interval work today – intervals of biking, hang DB or KB snatches, rowing, and push-ups.

At Home WOD – All the interval work today – wallballs, DB or KB snatches, slam balls, and Russian twists.

Thursday – Front squat day!  Then, a sprint interval of thrusters and bar facing burpees…yikes!

At Home WOD – Running Angie!  4 rounds of running, push-ups, abmat sit-ups and air squats.

Friday – Power snatch + hang snatch complex to begin with.  After, 4 rounds of biking and lunges (see ya, legs!).

At Home WOD – Some gymnastic interval work to begin with.  After, 12 minutes of handstand walks (or wall walks), lunges, slam balls tosses + burpee broad jumps!  Fun times!

Saturday – 2 10 minute AMRAPs to heat up our Saturday!  Grab a jump rope, a box, and a KB or DB and meet us on zoom at 9am!

Sunday Endurance – More running!  Are you surprised?  😉

Soon enough we’ll be back together!  Stay focused on moving your body, moving well, and controlling the  things you can (water intake, sleep, food choices that make you feel good from the inside out, stretching, etc.)!  The PRs, the strength, all of that will come back in due time.  Make it a great week you guys!

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

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