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Happy Mother’s Day to all our CFP and RISE mama’s out there!!!  Y’all set quite the example for your families, showing them how to prioritize their health and wellness, being the super heroes you are, and doing it all with a smile!  We’re so proud of all of you and hope you were all celebrated and spoiled by your loved ones today!

We still don’t have any definite information on a reopen date…but we’re hopeful it’s within this month!!  Stay the course, we’re getting close to home WODs again as a team!!

Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – Front squat day!  Working up to a heavy rep for the day.  Then, 3 rounds of running + (you guessed it!) more front squats!

At Home WOD – It’s a RISE kind of Monday, working some intervals today!  4 rounds of 1:30 on/30 sec off for 4 stations!

Tuesday – Gymnastics focus today!  Ring progressions, handstand work, and L-sit progressions.  Afterwards, 3 rounds of rowing, chest to bar and strict hspu.

At Home WOD – Starting off with an EMOM today – core, shoulder to overhead, and glute bridges.  Afterwards, some Bulgarian split squat work!

Wednesday – Starting off with some floor press today!  After, an alternating EMOM of biking, t2b and ring dips!

At Home WOD – Starting off with tempo front squats today!  After, 4 rounds of db/kb snatches and thrusters, followed by just a little accessory work!

Thursday – Lots of accessory work to start things off!  Then, 4 rounds of running, deadlifts and t2b!

At Home WOD – All the burpees and doubles to start things off!  Then, some accessory work, focusing on quality!  Overhead walking lunges and broad jumps.

Friday – It’s a Fran cardio sandwich!!  1k row, Fran, 800m run!  Afterwards, a little accessory work to finish you off 😉

At Home WOD – Mini Murph!  800m run sandwiching 4 rounds of push-ups, sit-ups and squats!  Afterwards, some accessories of good mornings, pull apart, and pike push-ups.

Saturday – A few AMRAPs this Saturday…burpees, high knees, air squats, doubles and kbs!

Sunday Endurance – 30 minutes of some running intervals!  Have fun!

Home stretch here guys!!  We cannot WAIT to see you all at the box!!

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

CFP Owner/Coach

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