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Happy Sunday athletes!  We’re entering week 2 of Phase 1 here in NC and we’re hopeful that means Phase 2 is set to begin this coming weekend and we can reopen as of next week!!!  Woohoo!!  We’re not holding our breath just yet, but we do have preparations under way for reopening as of Monday, May 25th…Memorial Day!  And you. know what that means…Memorial Day Murph!!

We can’t wait to share a workout with you guys!  Y’all have been an incredible support and source of motivation for us during these weeks of “At Home” workouts.  Have no fear, if you’re not ready to come in yet we will continue to supply “At Home” WODs for a while once we do open, but we’re ready to sweat it out in the gym like old times 😉  Fingers crossed we’re only a week out!!!

Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – It’s a strict kind of day…working some strict press first, working up to a heavy 3 rep.  Then, 15 minutes of running, strict pull-ups and strict hspu!

At Home WOD – Db/kb z-press to start us off!  Then, a few rounds of single arm db/kb thrusters, V-ups, single arm db snatches, and lateral hops over the db/kb with some built in rest.  A little shoulder/back accessory work to close things out.

Tuesday – Back squat day!  Then, some wallballs and burpee box jump over fun!

At Home WOD – Some interval work of wallballs and burpees!  Then, double Tabata work of flutter kicks and hollow rocks.

Wednesday – Starting off with some gymnastic work – pull-ups/ring rows + push-ups, then strict muscle up or chest to bar.  After, 90 sec intervals of a devil’s press, db clean and thruster complex or a burpee, clean and jerk, front squat complex!

At Home WOD – Interval work today – 1:20 on/30 sec off!  Full body!  Go hard and enjoy that rest!

Thursday – First up, a little clean complex to begin with, followed by a couplet of power cleans and push-ups!

At Home WOD – 5×400 m runs today!  Followed by some renegade rows and toes to kb.

Friday – Weighted step-ups, strict hspu and strict chin-ups up first.  Afterwards, 2 rounds of a rowing, t2b, and suitcase walking lunge triplet!

At Home WOD – 20 minute AMRAP of single arm sumo deadlift high pulls, slam balls and Russian twists!  Afterwards, a little jumping lunge finisher.

Saturday – A fun full body workout awaits!  We’ll see you on zoom!

Sunday Endurance – More running intervals!  Always feel free to adapt to bike, rower, burpees, jump rope, whatever you fancy 😉

***If you are planning to perform Murph Monday (either with us in person *hopefully* or at home), maybe make Sunday a light recovery day and a rest day!  Be smart!!***

We cannot WAIT to see everyone at the box!  It’s feeling closer than ever!!

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

CFP Owner/Coach

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