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We’re coming back, y’all!!  Back to the gym!!!  Well…outside the gym 😉  And we’re pumped to say the very least!  We’re hopeful that we will only be outside for a few weeks at most and will be back inside soon!

Be sure to reserve your spot in the class time of your choice in Wodify.  Reservations for classes open up 5 days in advance so you can plan your week out.  If you know you can no longer make it to a class time you reserved for, be sure to cancel as soon as possible to open up a spot to anyone on a waitlist.

Let’s do this!!  Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – Deadlift day!  Working on speed off the ground.  Then, 3 sets against a 7 min clock of biking and suitcase carry lunges.

At Home/Outside WOD – Some accessory/explosive work to start.  Then, 4 sets of a 3 minute AMRAP of wallballs, alternating DB/KB snatches, and overhead lunges.  Afterwards, a little midline work to finish off.

Tuesday – EMOM day!  An alternating EMOM of rowing, overhead squats, burpee box jump overs, and rest (thanks goodness!).

At Home/Outside WOD – Working against a 6 min clock for 4 sets, running, slamballs, russian twists, and burpees!  A little finisher to cash you out after!

Wednesday – Pause jerks to start off today!  Afterwards, a sprint chipper of running and dumbbell snatches!

At Home/Outside WOD – Suitcase deadlifts and carries + z-press.  Afterwards, a sprint chipper of running and dumbbell snatches!

Thursday – Back squat day!  Then, 12 minutes of strict hspu, strict pull-ups and pistols.

At Home/Outside WOD – 20 minutes of box jumps, dumbbell step-ups, single arm thrusters and abmat situps.  Oh my!

Friday – Metconning first today with 5 rounds of dumbbell split cleans and pull-ups.  Then some accessory core work.

At Home/Outside WOD – All the devil’s presses, doubles and burpees today!  Then some accessory work to finish off!

Saturday – Pump sesh!  Come join us!

Sunday Endurance – Grab your tennie bops for some running intervals!

Make it a great week you guys!  We can’t wait to see you at the box!!

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

CFP Owner/Coach

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