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Thanks to all who came out yesterday and shared in remembering the life of George Floyd!  We had over 50 come to participate in a memorial WOD dedicated to George Floyd who was murdered at the hand of four Minneapolis police officers on May 25, 2020.  We believe Black Lives Matter and we were honored to take time to participate in this workout, suffer in his memory and in the memory of others who were brutally taken too soon.  We will continue to speak his name and speak out for justice and human rights!

We’re so glad to be back at the gym, even if we’re outside!!  The good news is the weather is looking a little cooler earlier this week, so we’re excited for that.  And certainly we have to be getting closer to getting back inside.  You all are troopers and we’re so proud to have you still here, still working out and working on your health and wellness!

Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – Time for a retest of our gymnastic interval test!  6 sets of strict pull-ups, t2b, push-ups and wallballs!

At Home/Outside WOD – A fun AMRAP of increasing air squats, followed by doubles and a little running each round!  Finishing off with a little core work.

Tuesday – DB lunges…too soon?  Then, a chipper of rowing, box jumps, kbs, weighted box step overs, and more rowing.

At Home/Outside WOD – Some kettlebell work to start – Turkish get ups and snatch work.  Then, out metcon is kb snatches coupled with kb front squats, a little running, and kb s2oh coupled with burpees!  Oh my!  Finally, a little accessory work.

Wednesday – Barbell z-press and weighted strict pull-ups to start!  After, 10 minutes of doubles, s2oh, and chest to bar pull-ups!

At Home/Outside WOD – Some interval work, working against a 3 minute clock!  Running + burpee slamballs and running + abmat situps.  After, a little core work to close out.

Thursday – Deadlift day!  Plus tall box jumps.  Then, a run buy in and thrusters and rings dips!

At Home/Outside WOD – Station and interval work today – db thrusters, db power cleans, lateral hops over the db, db push press and burpees.  Then, some single leg strength work!

Friday – Hang clean & jerks up first!  Afterwards, 3 sets of 3 minutes of biking and burpees!

At Home/Outside WOD – 3 rounds of biking or running, wallballs, and single arm db manmakers!  Afterwards, handstand holds and hammer curls!

Saturday – 2 different AMRAPs today, come join us and get your Saturday started right!

Sunday Endurance – Head out for some running intervals or hit up the rower, bike, or jump rope!

We’ll see you at the box!

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

CFP Owner/Coach

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