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Welcome to June athletes!!  Where the days get hotter and the gym gets muggier 😉  Gotta love hot CrossFit season!  We know everyone’s schedules get busy in the summer, pool & lake days, travel, etc.  Be sure to sign up for our Clean & Jerk Seminar coming up in 2 weeks!!  We also have new tank/tshirt sign-ups by the front desk!

We sincerely hope you look forward to each and every time you come to CFP & RISE!  We hope it’s the best hour of your day!  As always, if you have feedback for us, please don’t hesitate to reach out!  We’ve got a great week of training ahead…here’s what’s on tap…

Monday – Starting off with a metcon today…rowing, wallballs, dubs, OH walking lunges, dubs, wallballs & a run!  Bring the lungs!  Finishing off with some core conditioning.

Tuesday – A fun EMOM of clean & jerks today around 80-85%!  Then we retest a metcon from April of rowing, pull-ups and ground to overhead.  Will you be more fit??

Wednesday – Getting upside down and working on those handstand skills today!  Then 12 rounds for time of strict hspu, pull-ups and jump squats OR rx+ version of deficits hspu, c2b & pisols!  Either way, this sounds like a fun challenge!!

Thursday – Triples of power snatch or full snatch today!  Afterwards, 4 rounds of hang snatch & box jump overs for time!  Yikes.

Friday – Dumbbell strict press superset with good mornings for our weightlifting!  Then, 2 4-minute AMRAPs, the first of push press & pull-ups, then kbs & hr push-ups.

Saturday – Saturdays mean one thing – fun partner WODs!!  Grab a partner & come sweat with us!

Sunday Oly with Becca – Becca is BACK!!  Come get your lift on!!!

Let’s make it a great week!

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

CFP Owner/Coach

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