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Good news!  We’ve already crossed off burpees for the 2020 Open!!  Phew!  And what a workout 20.1 was.  If that workout was any indication what’s in store for the rest of the workouts….oh boy!  You have until tomorrow to officially sign up for The Open at and get signed up for our Bingo Challenge!  It’s not too late and some sweet prizes are in store!

There’s 1 spot remaining for the Toes to Bar Clinic with Coach Jen next Saturday!  Message us to claim it!  Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – A longer metcon to kick off our week! Doubles mixed in with t2b, rowing, push-ups, biking and c2b pull-ups.

Tuesday – Squats, squats, squats, squats! Tempo front squats first, working to a heavy triple. Then, biking + thrusters for time!

Wednesday – Slow pull snatches. After, ascending reps of double unders and power snatches for 10 mins!

Thursday – Some tempo bench presses to start! Then, 3 rounds of kb push presses and t2b.

Friday – TBD after 20.2 is announced!

Saturday – 20.2 is going down!!

Sunday – Open gym at 11 followed by Oly with Becca at noon!

RISE Look Ahead

Monday – Strength Day!! Shoulders & legs!!

Tuesday – All the things! 40 sec on/20 sec off

Wednesday – Cardi-O and legs! 3 mins on/1 min off

Thursday – Tabata! 20 sec on/10 sec off

Friday – Glycolytic Interval – 1:05 on/25 sec off

Saturday – Spartanish training! 45 sec on/15 sec off

Let’s make it a great week!! As always, we’ll see you at the box!

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

CFP Owner/Coach

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