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It’s simple and so true.  Be honest and real with yourself!  And if you have a goal, actually work for it.  Don’t just talk about it, do the work and make it happen!  The Holidays are here people and they are busy.  Don’t make excuses, don’t let the gym slide!  We still fully expect to see you at the box 🙂

Congrats again to all the winners of our Fall for Fitness Nutrition Challenge!!!  And thanks to all participated in the CrossFit Liftoff yesterday!  We had some big PRs, hope you had some fun!!

Here’s you’re look ahead for this week…

Monday – Some push/pull work to start the week, with 4 sets of push press and 4 sets of weighted (if able) chin ups.  Then a little couplet of wallballs & ring dips!

Tuesday – All the snatch work today, starting with drop snatch, then some snatch balance doubles and singles.  You’ll finish off with some squat snatches and box jumps…sounds spicy!!

Wednesday – Today we deadlift.  We’ll work up to a heavy (but not maximal!) 3 reps in 15 minutes.  Your metcon is 7 rounds of 5 deadlifts and 5 pull-ups for time.  Hope your hamstrings are ready!

Thursday – A fun little chipper today with a little bit of everything!  Afterwards, we’ll be doing a few prowler pushes for extra credit!

Friday – First we have some gymnasty work to complete – handstand walks (or wall walks), L – sits and muscle-ups (or progressions).  Your metcon is 5 sets of 2 minute intervals (work/rest) of a fun little barbell complex & max burpees with remaining time!  Love some interval work!!

Saturday – Grab a partner & head out for “Moose”!  Saturday partner WODs are the best!

Sunday – 3 point snatch, halting clean pulls and front squats today in Oly class.

Get after it guys!!  See you soon!

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

CFP Owner/Coach

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