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Hard to believe we’re posting the final holiday hours for 2019!  Above are the hours for the weeks of Christmas and New Years!  Wodify will of course be updated, but you can save this picture to your phone or save this blog post, as well.  We certainly hope you’ll be spending a lot of time with your loved ones, but we know how needed a good sweat session is for your sanity 😉 so have no fear, we’ve still got plenty of class times for you!

As you close out the year and look ahead to new goals, take a second to remember how far you’ve come, all the progress you’ve made, and what you’ve accomplished!  Are you at your end goal yet?  Maybe not, but you had the courage to START, the discipline to keep showing up, and that’s what matters!!  Finish off strong and let’s get ready for an amazing new decade!

Here’s your look ahead…

Monday – Retesting a benchmark today!  Our gymnastics interval test…strict pull-ups, t2b, push-ups, and wallballs against a 6 min clock!

Tuesday – Deadlift day!  Then, 5 rounds for time of kbs, goblet reverse lunges, and box jumps!

Wednesday – Overhead work up first, building to a heavy complex of push press + push jerks + split jerks!  Afterwards, 12 minutes of strict hspu, dumbbell thrusters, and chest to bar!

Thursday – Pick your favorite…rower, bike or ski erg…and get ready to spend some quality time with that machine 😉

Friday – Interval work today!  Shoulder to overhead, front squats and burpees over the bar!

Saturday – A fun partner WOD awaits…deadlifts, chest to bar and running!  Come get sweaty before all your Christmas fun begins!

Sunday – Open gym at 11 and Endurance Class at 12!

RISE Look Ahead

Monday – Cardi-O and Core!  3:00 on/1:00 off

Tuesday – Legs and lungs!  40 sec on/20 sec off

Wednesday – Strength day!!  Shoulders and legs!

Thursday – Tabata!  20 sec on/10 sec off

Friday – Boulder Shoulders!  1:05 on/25 sec off

Saturday – EMOM!

Stay committed to your workouts this week!  As always, we can’t wait to see you at the box!

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

CFP Owner/Coach

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