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Welcome to week 7 of our mesocycle.  Enjoy this last week of our training because next week we deload and then we get to retest and see how far we have come!  This week will wrap up with tons of goodness.  Strap on your running shoes because you will be doing some running this week, also plan on some gymnastics, squats and presses.

Monday – We kick off our week with a fun rep scheme of Presses, your percentages will change up from 70-90% depending on your rep count.  After that we’ve got a 12 min wod of tuck crunches, kettlebell swings and step ups.

Tuesday – We will see that fun rep scheme and percentages again but for our Back Squat today.  Next you get a 15 min alternating EMOM of row, burpees and double unders.  Sounds like a good time.

Wednesday – This is the day you better bring your running shoes.  We have a longer wod today with lots of running.  It starts with an 800 meter, then 600, then 400 and finally a 200 meter…but oh did I mention that between the running you are doing 50 reps of a different movement!  Those of you who love longer metcons are in for a treat today.  Don’t worry there is a 30 min timecap…not that any of you need that!

Thursday – We start out with a E2MOM with a fun complex of hang cleans and front squats.  Then we will do some clean pulls to wrap up our weightlifting.  Next we have a fun little chipper…row, air squats, kbs, headcutters and finish it up with toes 2 bar, should be fun!

Friday – Gymnastics work kicks off our day.  Then onto some hill sprints to wrap it up!

Saturday – Find a partner and get ready for a 20 min AMRAP.  It starts with 20 cal row, burpees, sit-ups and wallballs.  To throw in a twist, we increase the rep count by 10 after each round.  Enjoy!

Push hard this week athletes and then we deload next week. It should be great!  We look forward to seeing you all in the box!!

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

CFP Owner/Coach

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