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Hello Week 4!  Last week was hard but you all came in and got it done.  This week we guarantee there will be one day you will see something you don’t love doing, surprise yourself and come in anyway.  Show that movement who’s boss!

Monday  – We kick off the week with those fun single arm KB thrusters!  Then we wrap up with 5 rounds of 4 min of work with some running, wallballs, push-ups and medball slams.  Happy Monday!

Tuesday – We start off with a gymnastics circuit.  4 stations of 30 sec on/30 sec off should be tons of fun…be sure to pick your appropriate modification if you need one.  Ask your coach for help picking if you need it!  We finish off with a 500 meter row and bar MU or strict pull-ups every 5 min for 20 min.

Wednesday – It must be dirty at the box today with all this cleaning going on…our weightlifting is (you guessed it!) cleans!  We spend 15 min either working up to a heavy 3 (remember that is relative!!!) or doing 5 sets of 3 of cleans or power cleans.  After that, we have a 7 min emom of a clean pull, power clean, clean and a front squat at around 75% of what you found earlier.  Then a little metcon for time of empty bar thrusters and burpees!  Oh yea!

Thursday – Almost to the weekend guys and to celebrate we are doing two 15 min AMRAPS!  DU, pull-ups and barbell step-ups in the first and then rowing, push-ups and abmat sit ups in the second.  Should be a blast!

Friday – TGIF athletes!!!  We kick it off with a 6 min EMOM of 3 deadlifts at 65-75% off your 1RM.  Then we have a 6 min AMRAP of an ascending rep count of thrusters and pull-ups.

Saturday – Partner WOD day! You and your partner should have a blast doing suicides and rowing for one AMRAP and then suicides and DU for the next!   Get your buddy and get it done!

It looks to be like a great week!  Remember to always ask if you need help picking the right modification!  As always, see you at the box!!!

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

CFP Owner/Coach

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