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Hopefully you’ve heard the rumblings about our new Nutrition Add-on Membership options – helping you level up your health and wellness with the continued support and accountability you need to make lasting changes!

You live a BIG, FULL, ACTIVE life!! You need the fuel to support that. No more diets, no more restriction! Education, support, and accountability for your big, full life!

But what are you really signing up for and what does it look like?

Workout? Check! You joined our gym for the accountability and support you need to get your workouts in each week. But the other 23 hours of the day can be pretty confusing!

Diet and wellness culture are overwhelming, to say the least!

  • “Eat carbs, but don’t eat fat.”
  • “Fat is good for you, but carbs are bad.”
  • “Protein is good for you, but don’t eat anything after 6pm or before 3pm.”
  • “Eat like your ancestors, but don’t eat meat or fat or carbs.”
  • “Just drink water.”

Confused yet?

When you add-on a Level Up nutrition membership, no more guessing!

  • You’ll receive personalized macros suited for you and your goals.
  • Sample menus guide you on how to build a week’s worth of meals, all tailored to your eating preferences!
  • Work with your coach to break through mental blocks that have held you back and build healthy habits that last!

Are you spinning from years of yo-yo dieting? You lose the weight only to gain it back? It feels so defeating each time the weight comes back and you’re left wondering why you just can’t seem to maintain!

Level up will give you the basic framework you need to finally find that balance with your nutrition. Once you get started, you’ll learn how to track macros teaching you:

  • how much food is appropriate for you
  • how to properly fuel yourself
  • to let go of old diet rules that held you back.

You workout hard in the gym and you want to look like it! Learning to track macros will help you achieve the body composition changes you’re looking for. Everyone wants that elusive “toned” or defined muscular look, but it seems so hard to attain! Level up will give you the tools and know how to work towards those goals, while eating more food, and feeling you’re best!

The power of group fitness is most likely one of the reasons you joined our gym. It’s so easy to hit snooze and skip the gym, but you’ll show up when you’re meeting a friend there or coach is expecting to see you!

Same goes for your nutrition – it’s easy to go through the drive through or reach for the overly processed snacks when no one is looking. It’s easy to do it the way you’ve always done it and to slip into old habits.

When you add on a Level Up nutrition membership, you receive continued accountability and support, month after month. Not only from your coach, but from a whole team of athletes striving for their best and healthiest selves! Surround yourself with others on the same journey as you. As they say, to go fast, go alone – to go far, go together!

Are you ready?? Coach Michelle is currently taking tier 2 clients who are ready to get started! Our Tier1/M3 Beta group launches August 1st! If you know you’re ready to be a part of this crew, respond to this email to let me know, or be on the lookout for the M3 sign up at the gym!

Founding M3 members will receive 10% off Tier 1 for the first month and provide invaluable feedback over the next 2 months to help shape this new membership add-on for CFP and RISE.

We will most likely cap out for those wanting to join M3, so don’t wait! We’re so excited to unlock your potential – our add on nutrition memberships are the key! Level up your nutrition for you big, full, active lifestyle!

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

CFP Owner/Coach

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