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In today’s fitness world everyone wants every single exercise or training session to be “functional”.  As a Doctor of Physical Therapy I am a huge proponent of structuring our exercise in a way that has carry over to our daily activities.  However, there are a few issue that I have with this approach.  First off, I am not exactly sure as to who is the official arbitrator of whether or not a movement is “functional” or not.  Secondly, many people exercise to look better naked.  I am here to say that it is completely ok to exercise for aesthetic reasons.

Over the years I’ve had my clients benefit from high frequency bodyweight training as a means to achieve aesthetic results (Decrease body fat percentage).  A program that I have adopted for many client sis called “PLP:The 60 Day Challenge”.  I got the challenge from Chad Waterbury and you can read the entire article here at T-Nation.

For those that want the cliff notes here we go:

*Every day for 60 days you will add in a Pull, Lunge, and Push

*This training will be separate from your regular training.  You can also do this on days that you are not performing your normal training.

*The movements will be Pull-Ups, Lunges, Push-Ups

Pull Ups Ring Pull Ups recommended if able. Can use Pronated Grip, Supinated grip, Mixed Grip, Ring Rows, Banded Pull A-parts

Lunges- Can use reverse, forward, walking, lateral lunges

Push Ups- Can change hand position as needed

*On day one you will start out with 10/10/10 reps (See Below), and add 1 repetition every single day for 60 days.  You can choose to break the sets and reps up any way you choose.  If you aren’t able to perform any pull ups then I recommend that you use a band and start with band pull a-parts and/or rings for ring rows.

10 Push Ups/10 Lunges (Each Leg)/10 Push Ups

11 Push Ups/11 Lunges (Each Leg)/11 Push Ups

As you progress in the program your body will adapt to the load that you put on it and you should have improved recovery, decreased muscle soreness, and improved body composition. Don’t let time be a reason that you can’t perform as for most of the days this will take you less than 5 minutes.
-Dr. Warren

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Michelle Shuck

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