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Have you drank the kool-aid and become a full on CrossFit addict yet!?  Actions speak louder than words, so if you’re  not sure, Fitness Repetition shared 11 Hilarious Truths about CrossFitters Behavior, and if any or all apply to you, it’s probably safe to say you’re a full on CrossFit addict 😉


My personal favorites include…

#1 – you can often see athletes walking around with all sorts of chalk all over themselves.  Yes, their hands, clothes, and even the face or hair sometimes.  Make it rain!

#3 – post WOD at least 50% of the class straight falls over and collapses.  I would love to see this happen out in “real life” like a toddler giving up on life, fainting goat syndrome or a drunk stumbling home!

#6 – Everyone loves cleaning!  Just like…

squat and clean

#9 – Gotta love an aggressive shirt rip off pre WOD!  Maybe don’t do that out in public unless you’re near a body of water 😉

#11 – The first rule of CrossFit…always talk about CrossFit!

So are you guilty of any of the 11!?  What others could we add to the list?

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

CFP Owner/Coach

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