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It’s week 13 of our Free Travel WOD Friday Summer Series!!  Next week is the final week as Labor Day approaches.  Remember, you can always search our blog for all the travel WODs from this fun summer series!  This week we’re tackling another Tabata workout! Perfect for a hotel room, hotel gym, the great outdoors, or anywhere you can find room.  No equipment needed.

Review what a Tabata workout is here.  For this tabata workout, we’re completing a full 8 rounds of 1 movement, taking a minute rest and then moving on to the next exercise.  So you’ll start with 8 rounds of burpees before moving on to the hollow holds, air squats & push-up + shoulder tap.

A push-up + shoulder tap is just like is sounds, perform a chest to deck push-up, hold a plank and take turns tapping each shoulder.  That equals 1 repetition.  Continue that pattern for the entire 2o second interval.  Your score for this workout is your lowest round of each exercise.

As always, feel free to save the graphic below to your phone, share it & be sure to try this workout whenever you can!  If you complete this WOD, be sure to tag us on Instagram or FB & let us know your score.  Have fun!


Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

CFP Owner/Coach

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