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CrossFit Pineville – RISE

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Metcon (No Measure)

2:00 ON :40 OFF – 1×3(AMRAPS)


20 Heavy Dual KB Deadlift + ME SKI


2 Box Sled Push + 10 Box Step Overs


12 Stick Sit-Ups + 24 Jump Rope


8/8 Forward To Reverse Lunge 8/8 Cossack Squat

Station 1.) Spend as much time as possible on the KB DL without pausing in the top or bottom

Station 2.) Use MDUSA Boxes w/ plates on top for sled push. If you feel safe, you may use the same boxes for step overs, otherwise, set an additional box on the rubber to the side of the turf and perform your box step overs there

Station 3.) Sit-Ups should be challenging but Unbroken

Station 4.) Do all forward to reverse lunge on right before switching to left. Alternate the cossack squats




Welcome to one of the most established CrossFit gyms in the South Charlotte and Ballantyne area!




10000 Pineville
Matthews Rd.
Pineville, NC 28134

(704) 889-0190