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Isn’t that the truth!? Goodness, we’re *finally* in our new building, kids are back in school, and this week is the last week of September, already! But nothing is slowing down!!

We haven’t talked about it too much lately (hello, moving buildings and life is always crazy!), but our Level Up Nutrition beta group is up and running! We’re about 6 weeks in and always looking to add to our group!

So…maybe you’re wanting a fresh start this fall?!

Maybe you’re tired of dieting and want to finally figure out this nutrition thing!

Maybe you know what to do, but need some accountability!

Maybe you want to end the yo-yo of “on” during the week and “off” on the weekends

Maybe you’ve been putting this off because life is *still* crazy!

But the truth is…if you can learn to be consistent with your exercise, your nutrition, your habits when life feels the craziest…you can do it anytime! The results will never stick if you only do it when it’s convenient!

If your nutrition plan is failing you any time life gets busy, stressful, crazy…you need a new nutrition plan!

There will never be a perfect time to start building the body (and life!) you want. Life will always feel like it’s “in the way”.

So here’s your sign! If you’re struggling, reach out! Just start. Your only regret will be not starting sooner!

Not sure what our Level Up Nutrition Add-on Memberships are all about? Read more here! Our add-on nutrition memberships are not your typical “diet and exercise”. We’re flipping that script and we’re starting a health movement! When you sign up for a nutrition membership with us, here’s exactly what you can expect!

There is no perfect time. So let’s get started together! Reply back to this email or set up your FREE 1-on-1 consult call today! Let’s unlock your potential and level up your nutrition!

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

CFP Owner/Coach

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