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Welcome to the final week of our 8 week Wellness Wednesday series – Healthy for the Holidays!  We sure hope you’ve enjoyed the series!!  It is our hope you’ve found these tips helpful in order to achieve a more balanced Holiday season!  The goal, of course, is to still enjoy yourself at all those fun holiday parties while not blowing all the hard work you’ve done all year in the gym and with your nutrition.  Balance can be achieved, I promise!

If you’ve missed any posts, here’s what we’ve covered so far:

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This week’s tip….incorporating alcohol!  Obviously, we all know the negative effects of alcohol.  So with that said, always drink responsibly!!  And depending on your goals (big weight loss goals, strict macro goals, competitive, etc) you may want to skip the booze altogether.  After all, alcohol is simply empty calories and doesn’t provide you with any quality nutrition.  And, as we know, it will aid in dehydrating you.

But enough of the debbie downer news about alcohol!  As adults, many of us choose to partake in a beverage (or a few) from time to time and especially around the holidays!  So yes, there are ways you can have your alcohol and drink it too 😉

Similar to the theme of this whole series, the idea is to have a plan!  Plan ahead on what you want to drink and how much.

  • If a party is having a signature cocktail, decide ahead of time if you’ll be partaking in that.  Cocktails are often sugar laden, so stick with one and follow it with a water!
  • Maybe you want to indulge in one of your favorite drinks you don’t get to have too often…a glass of eggnog, your favorite craft beer, a margarita, etc.  Go ahead and enjoy one!  But leave it at one and switch to a lower calorie drink (or water!) afterwards.
  • Look for a glass of a dry wine.  In general the drier the wine, the lower the sugar and calories it has, so look for that option if you can when choosing a drink.  A wine spritzer is also a great way to cut the calories!
  • If you know you’ll be having serval beverages, maybe skip the dessert table.  Or trade a less desired dessert for a more desired drink.

Living a healthy, balanced lifestyle doesn’t mean all or nothing!  Make a plan and stick to it!  Remember one healthy meal won’t make you skinny and one cheat meal won’t ruin your gains!  Try out an intermittent fast pre or post holiday party to reset that calorie intake and a whole other host of benefits!!  Bring your own dish you won’t feel bad about eating and make sure you’ve gotten all your protein in for the day.  Stay hydrated, fill your plate the right way, and don’t over do it with the booze!

8 weeks, 8 tips, and the rest of your life to master incorporating them! 😉 Cheers and wishing you a happy, healthy holiday season!

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

CFP Owner/Coach

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