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For a long time, at CrossFit Pineville and RISE we’ve focused solely on fitness. Addressing the movement and exercise piece of fitness for our clients. You signed up for a gym membership with CFP/RISE, paid for expert coaching and programming, and those showing up have definitely gotten more fit!

BUT – true fitness is really only achieved through the optimization of exercise and nutrition. Fitness cannot be optimized without the inclusion of both!

Enter our Add-on Nutrition Memberships!

When you think of nutrition, you probably think of the words “diet” and weight loss.

But our nutrition memberships are not your typical diet.

While weight loss can definitely be a by-product and a goal – we’re focusing on finding the right amount of fuel for your body and your lifestyle!

Enter macros!

  • Macros are the framework of our approach.
  • Macros help you build awareness around the food you’re eating – helping you build consistency in your eating habits, bettering your eating habits, and supporting you long term.
  • Macros remove the restrictions and help you see all the foods that can fit into your lifestyle!
  • They’re measurable and provide us with important data to see exactly how much food we should be consuming to properly nourish our body!

And no, you don’t have to track macros forever! By adding on our nutrition memberships, working with a coach, and surrounding yourself with a like-minded community, you’ll finally be able to stop jumping from one diet trend to the next and create sustainable habits.

You know our training at CFP and RISE works!! Our nutrition memberships are no different! Coach Michelle has spent the past 2 years training many clients as a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach with The Fuel Method. Clients from all walks of life, different ages, genders, backgrounds, in 1-on-1 and group settings.

Many have lost weight, reached their “goal weight”, ran faster and gotten stronger, put on lean muscle mass and lost body fat.

But by far the coolest outcomes:

  • No more afternoon crash every day
  • Feeling strong and empowered in their workouts
  • Coaching their son’s little league team
  • Playing with their kids again
  • Joining an adult soccer league
  • Having the confidence to take their shirt off at summer camp
  • Feeling in control around food
  • Setting a good example for their family
  • Changing the course of their life!

And these clients were just like you and me! Busy professionals – school teachers, nurses, accountants, moms, dads, grandparents, etc. They lead busy, full lives – just like you and me – and could find lots of excuses not to track, not to try! But they set excuses aside and made their health a priority.

What will your outcome be when you join us!?

If you’re new to the macro approach, tier 2 is for you! Coach Michelle is currently enrolling tier 2 – just reply to this email if you’re ready to level up!

Those with macro experience are perfect for our Tier1/M3 Beta group! We officially launch August 1 and the M3 Beta group sign up is at the front desk. Write down your name and email and Coach Michelle will reach out with next steps.

We’re so excited for those who have reached out already and scheduled their consult calls!! We will limit our beta group to 8-10 people, so if you’re on the fence or have more questions, schedule your FREE consult call asap!

Stay tuned next week for more info about our new InBody! Scans begin July 30 – more deets to come!

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

CFP Owner/Coach

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