What is CrossFit?

The Definition
of Crossfit

CrossFit Philosphy — “The goal is to get fit, make it the best hour of your day, stay safe, turn up the music, high five some people, and blow off some steam. So remember that. Relax. Have fun. Work out.” Pat Sherwood


The definition of CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity. At CrossFit Pineville we place an emphasis on functional movements performed at appropriate intensities for each individual to elicit a positive response. Intensity is always relative to the individual athlete and our trainers/coaches will always advise you on how to appropriately approach a workout.

Our goal is to consistently challenge your capabilities in order to improve your fitness and help you reach your goals while minimizing risk of injury.

CFP Standards

Class Structure

Yes. In order to prepare new members for group classes and to ensure our quality of coaching is maintained, you must complete our CrossFit Foundations Program.


CrossFit Pineville makes sure to place emphasis on quality of movement. The path to proficiency at certain movements can be different for every individual. We teach and encourage all of our members to move often and move well. We gradually add intensity with the number of reps, load, and speed of movement. We instruct instability/motor control drills as well as mobility exercises to help improve movement proficiency.

Overtraining can become a serious problem if you are not giving your body adequate rest. The first few weeks of starting a fitness program, your body is expected to have some soreness and aches that you are not used to. After 3-4 weeks of regular attendance, these tend to become more manageable and you will begin to recover at a faster rate.

What to Expect?

CrossFit Class

From the warm-up through the end of the WOD, expect expert coaching to guide you through the workout, feedback on how you’re moving, and know-how to perfect your technique.

Our group classes start promptly with the coach welcoming everyone, a general overview of class, and any introductions or announcements. The coach will take the group through a dynamic warm-up for 10-15 minutes engaging the athletes and preparing their bodies for the work ahead. Skill work or a weightlifting session typically follows the dynamic warm-up. The coach will guide the class through the movements, advise on pacing, rest time between sets, and giving feedback as athletes work.

The last 10-20 minutes of a class period are spent on metcon (metabolic conditioning). This is the part you generally think of when you think of CrossFit. This is where we move fast(er) and get that heart rate up. Metabolic conditioning combines cardiovascular training and strength training to challenge you and take your overall fitness and health to a new level.  At CFP, we always encourage good form and mastery of skills before increasing weight and adding speed. 

Other Offerings

Specialty Classes

Yes. In order to prepare new members for group classes and to ensure our quality of coaching is maintained, you must complete our CrossFit Foundations Program.

01. Olympic Lifting

This class solely focuses on the Clean & Jerk and Snatch. We spend an hour working on technique drills, different accessory work, and lifts at certain percentages of our max that will perfect our Olympic Lifts. Any level is welcome. This is a great environment to learn more about the Olympic Lifts so when they come up in regular classes, you’re a little more prepared.

02. Gymnastics

This class solely focuses on different gymnastic skills, such as pull-ups, muscle-ups, handstand progressions (holds, walks, pushups), as well as other body control movements. Homework and drill are offered for those wanting to work the particular skill throughout the week and is meant to complement our general programming. All levels are welcome and encouraged to participate. Scaling options are always covered so every athlete is working at their current ability level.

03. Endurance

Our endurance class focuses on building a greater aerobic capacity, helping you recover faster in workouts, push harder in your daily WODs, and increase your overall fitness level. Endurance classes are programmed around the cardio based elements of running, biking, rowing or skiing. These workouts are generally longer intervals and center around different pacing.


CrossFit Pineville tries to offer specialty seminars every 8-12 weeks. Seminars are usually an hour and a half in length and offered on Saturday afternoons. Topics we have covered in the past and hope to cover soon include Pull-up Improvement, Kettlebell 101, Rowing Technique and Efficiency, the Deadlift, Aerobic and Endurance Training, Double Unders, etc. These courses are very affordable for all members. Ideas and topics for seminars are endless as there are so many movements we could really dive into. If you have a request, just let one of your coaches know and we’ll consider it for our next seminar.