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CFP/Fortress PT mission — We are a hybrid physical therapy and wellness clinic blending the worlds of health and fitness and physical therapy lifestyles.


Fortress Physical Therapy is here to help!  Currently there is a massive gap between injury prevention or “training” around injuries, especially when one enters the CrossFit world for the first time.  As a doctor of physical therapy, we have been put through the ringer to study “how” and “why” the human body becomes injured and implementing appropriate modifications within the functional fitness atmosphere.  We are movement specialists and are highly-trained practitioners providing evaluations and treatments for various musculoskeletal dysfunctions and chronic pain – ranging from a sprained ankle to Parkinson’s Disease and all in between!

As CrossFit bases its motto on “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity”, athletes new to the sport must develop a strong foundation of what functional movements entail and concepts on how to stay safe during the workout of the day.  However, injuries do commonly occur and most of the time this places the rookie or veteran athlete sidelined, which then shifts his or her mindset to “I can’t workout for a while…now what?”

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