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choose your hard

It’s hard to lose weight and it’s hard to become fit.  But it’s also hard to carry around more weight and it’s hard to be sick.  It’s hard to find an open hour in the day and it’s hard to eat healthy.  But it’s also hard to be so tired every day and to be on medication the rest of your life.  YOU have the power!  Don’t you ever forget that!!  Choose your hard!  Will it be hard to get to the gym today?  Most likely, yes!  But will it be SO worth it?  Undoubtedly, yes!!

Summer is in full force & it’s been hot & muggy in the gym.  We do have the AC on!  Not super cool, but it’s on, we promise!  Keeping the doors closed will help with humidity, but after all, this is summer in the south!  We can start a collection for the power bill if you want the AC turned lower 😉

Leading up to the July 4th holiday, we will have normal hours most of the weekend, except Sunday.  Here’s your look ahead for the week…

Monday – Back squats & deadlifts today!  Sets of 8 for squats, sets of 6 for deadlifts.  Then we have some rowing, bar work (c2b or bar mu) & push press with some rest in between (thank goodness!)!

Tuesday – A fun clean & jerk complex today to start off!  We’ll finish with 3 rounds of running & floor press!

Wednesday – Some accessory work with the z-press today.  Afterwards, an EMOM of strict pull-ups, front rack reverse lunges & over the bar buprees + DU – oh my!

Thursday – Starting with hang snatch & tall box jumps for some weightlifting and power/explosive work.  Then some fun conditioning, get those legs ready & bring those lungs!!  **And don’t forget –  Come join Sarah for Yoga for Athletes as she leads us this week in Courtney’s absence!  It’s basically hot yoga all summer long!**

Friday – Front squatting on a Friday 🙂  Sets of 8 (we’re on a roll with 8’s lately, huh!?) around 70%.  Your metcon is 3 rounds of rowing, t2b & db snatch for time!

Saturday – A triplet today of clean & jerks, bar over burpees & kbs…grab a partner & get a move on!!

SundayNo oly this Sunday as we have a somewhat abbreviated schedule due to the July 4th holiday!  Open gym will be from 11am – 1pm!

RISE Weekly Preview

Monday – Glycolytic Tabata, everyone’s fav!

Tuesday – Aerobic

Wednesday – Strengh

Thursday – Aerobic

Friday – Anaerobic

Saturday – Strength

So many ways to get sweaty with us!!  We’ll see you at the box 🙂

Michelle Shuck

Michelle Shuck

CFP Owner/Coach

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