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We’re back with our Foundational Movement Series!  This month we’re covering the third and final movement in the Press Series – the Push Jerk – on both our YouTube page & blog!  Catch up on all the Foundational Movements covered so far – The Air Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat, Shoulder Press, and Push Press.

View our video about the Push Jerk here.

push jerk

Key Points:

  • Setup – Bar on the rack at shoulder height.  Feet are hip to shoulder width apart, hands slightly wider than shoulders, elbows forward of the bar to create front rack for the bar.  Bar resting on shoulders, full grip with thumbs around the bar, midsection is tight!
  • Execution – Perform a shallow dip, bending at the hips, butt goes back slightly while knees track out over the toes, chest remains upright.  Drive the hips forward rapidly and fully, extending the bar overhead.  Pull under the bar to catch the weight with arms fully extended.
  • Rep completion – Stand to full extension with active shoulders, elbows locked out, “head through the window”.


Watch the Push Jerk with Julie Foucher here.

You should be able to push press about 30% more than you can shoulder press and push jerk about 30% more than you can push press.  Test out this series and see!

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